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A nurse's treatment (2/3)

Title: A nurse’s treatment (2/3)

Author: Gabrielle

Rating: pfft, seriously?

Genre: PWSP (porn with slight plot XD)

Length: Two-shot / Three-shot

Summary: Yunho was strolling through the school’s corridor. It was deserted, and he rather enjoyed the peace. That is, until he heard slightly unusual noises coming from the nurse’s office…

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A teacher's lesson (2/5)


‘Patience, baby,’ Yunho chuckled, ‘Not until I taste your cunt.’ However, before that, he wiggled his fingers around, until the tips nudged against a certain bump that made Jaejoong gasp and clench her pussy in pleasant surprise. Immediately, juices flowed out and down Yunho’s digits, soaking them. Smirking, he pulled his fingers away, only to replace them with his mouth as he slurped up the juices running down Jaejoong’s pussy. Jaejoong gasped and moaned, and her knees buckled as she pushed back onto the hungry mouth, grinding her wet pussy onto the other’s face.

All the while, Yunho grabbed a hold of the luscious cheeks, before he separated them to get a clear and complete view of the cunt. Seeing the quivering pink clit, he smirked. ‘Oh, look at that, it’s already so hard and excited,’ he cooed, giving the bud a flicking lick before swiveling his tongue around the button.

‘Yunnie~!! Nghhh!’ Jaejoong panted, feeling her nipples tighten at the sudden sensation. Her pants and mewls however turned into loud moans and whines when the student’s lip closed around her clit, drawing it into his lips to suck on it. ‘Kyaaa! Yunho-sshi~’ Her pussy clenched and unclenched, releasing more juices that flowed onto Yunho’s face and into his mouth. All the while, Yunho was unzipping the fly of his trousers, bringing his hard cock out of its confines.

Yunho moaned at the taste at the other’s cum, all the while stroking himself. ‘You taste so good, baby,’ he groaned, before capturing the little clit between his teeth and biting down hard on it. He licked at the asshole from time to time, and even nibbled on Jaejoong’s cunt lips, but did not put his tongue into her pussy. Tears spilled from Jaejoong’s eyes due to the overwhelming, pleasuring tease. Her pussy was on fire, begging to be eaten, but no matter how much she begged for the other to just shove his tongue in, Yunho did not relent.

Knowing that he had the other in incoherency, Yunho instantly stood up, before pushing his cock into the teacher’s pussy until its hilt. Immediately, Jaejoong gasped, pussy clenching down on the monster rod in her, soaking it with cum. She sobbed, whimpering as Yunho started to gyrate his hips, rotating his cock around in the cunt, occasionally brushing lightly against her G-spot. Jaejoong moaned and panted, fingers clawing at the wooden table. Her whole body trembled as her pussy clenched and unclenched to adapt to the huge cock buried in it. She whimpered and gasped as Yunho slowly withdrew his cock; he could hear the soft squelching sound as the pussy gripped onto his cock, as if unwilling to let go. He smirked as he drew out until the head, staying there for some torturous seconds.

‘P-Please Yunnie-ah~ Don’t tease me,’ Jaejoong cried. She tried to move her hips backwards to take in the length, but Yunho’s grip on her butt cheeks were too firm. He was about to slam his penis back in, when an evil idea formed in his head. He smirked, before taking his cock out completely. That had Jaejoong sobbing. The student traced the head of his penis onto the other’s pussy lips, occasionally brushing against the clit. This went on for a few seconds, before Yunho decided that it was enough. Smirking, he drove the whole length of his cock into the teacher, before pounding away into the other’s wet box. He threw his head back and moaned, reveling in the surrounding wet heat. He slammed into Jaejoong with a monstrous force, and the table made sounds that were only shrouded by Jaejoong’s wails and screams as her pussy was continuously abused by her student. ‘Oh-Oh my God! T-There Yunnie! Ungh, yes!’ she cried as the cock in her suddenly shifted right, now jabbing against the swollen bump. Her lips parted in a silent scream as Yunho stopped ramming into her, instead just resolving to grind against the spot, causing spasms to rack through her body. ‘Waaaaaah!’ Jaejoong wailed, her hole clenching tightly onto the cock buried inside her. She pushed back as far as she could, grinding back against the cockhead. Drool escaped at the side of her lip, her voice becoming raspy due to the continuous moans.

‘You like that, baby? I’m screwing your pussy right now. It feels good here, doesn’t it?’ Yunho smirked as he withdrew his cock, before slamming it back onto the G-spot. Jaejoong screamed. ‘Here, right? Do you like it when I fuck you here, baby?’ the student cooed as he relentlessly slammed against the pleasure spot.

Jaejoong’s toes curled in pleasure, and the muscles in her body tightened as she felt her impending orgasm. Every jab against her sweet spot was pure torture, yet she could never get enough. She spread her legs wider, allowing the cock to sink even deeper into her pussy. As Yunho landed a hard hit on her spot, Jaejoong gasped, her pussy convulsing around the penis inside her. Instantly, thick cum sprayed onto Yunho’s cock. The teacher’s petite body went lax, slumping onto her table as she panted for air. Strands of her hair stuck onto her face, and her cheeks were flushed red.

However, Yunho was still hard, and hence not very satisfied. Smirking, he took out his cock and replaced it with his fingers. He rotated his digits around, collecting as many slippery cum as he could. Jaejoong could only whimper as her still-sensitive pussy was continuously abused by the delicious long fingers. The student then pulled his cum-soaked fingers away, only to shove a finger up the other’s ass.

‘Hngh!’ Jaejoong gasped, anal muscles immediately clenching around the intruder. Of course, the teacher wasn’t new to having a foreign object up her asshole. Her mouth opened to allow soft moans to escape as she rode the finger inside of her. She whimpered, biting her lip as Yunho mercilessly pushed in more fingers until four lodged in. Jaejoong gasped and panted, and her whole body felt hot once more. Yunho smirked, before taking out his fingers. Instantly, he slammed his cock into the other’s pussy, rotating his pelvis around, coating his own cock with cum. Jaejoong mewled, knees weakening at the steel rod inside of her.

Suddenly, Yunho pulled out his cock, only to shove it into the other’s asshole. The length was buried until its hilt within the tight heat of the other. The tightness was hot and dry, and Yunho didn’t bother to give the other to adjust, before he began to fuck the tight cavity. Jaejoong gasped, mewling as her ass was being assaulted by Yunho’s cock. Teasingly, she giggled as she clenched her ass around the girth. Yunho groaned, stilling in his movements, growling as he landed slaps on the other’s ass cheeks, causing a nice red bloom to appear on both sides. Jaejoong moaned, reveling in the painful pleasure. Yunho then took out his cock, pushed it into the pussy, soaking it, before he shoved it back in the other’s asshole, this time continuously fucking the small hole. ‘God, baby, you’re so tight,’ Yunho moaned. He took hold of one of the other’s arms as he pounded into her. Jaejoong was completely at his mercy, and she could only pant and mewl as her asshole was brutally fucked.

It wasn’t long until Yunho came, shooting his sperm into the other’s hole. His large hands grasped Jaejoong’s breasts, squeezing them as he milked his cum into the other. Jaejoong mewled as her body was manhandled by the other. She felt strings of cum shoot into her hole, washing over her walls. 

Sekushiai is gone.


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A teacher's lesson (1/5)

For marchstrous and lolister XD

Sorry guys, but I just have no idea on how I should write the next part of ‘Weak because of you’ :’( so instead, I’m posting this fic where Jae’s the teacher and she gets taken advantage of by her students (YES, GANGBANG 8DDDD)

‘Sorry I’m late!’ Jaejoong panted as she entered the class. Instantly, all male eyes fell onto the newcomer. Smooth, black hair, milky white skin, big doe-like eyes, red cheeks that were accentuated by her plump lips, lithe body… Who was she? A new teacher? Damn she’s hot. These were just the few thoughts that ran through the students’ mind as they ogled over the new teacher. Their eyes were especially trained on the teacher’s pale legs that were covered by a mere skirt that reached just before her thighs. She wore a plain white buttons-down shirt, making her look more like a student than a teacher.

Jaejoong blushed at the attention, and bowed. ‘Umm, my name is Jaejoong, please respect me! I hope I’ll be a good teacher to you all!’

At the back, Jung Yunho exchanged glances with his three other friends. He smirked.



Jaejoong looked up from her table to see one of her students flashing a dazzling smile. She knows she shouldn’t, but damn, he was handsome. She blushed. ‘Yes?’

Yunho smiled. ‘Hi, I’m Yunho. You see, I’m not very good in this maths topic, so I was wondering whether you would willingly stay back at school later on to tutor me?’

Jaejoong smiled, completely unaware of the other’s plot. ‘Of course! We’ll just have it here alright? Four to five o’clock, will that be fine?’

The teenager nodded, smirking mentally. ‘Of course.’


(Flash forward)

‘So you just substitute this equation to the previous one and…you’re done!’ Jaejoong exclaimed cheerfully, before she realized that Yunho was intently staring at her. ‘Yunho-sshi?’ she inquired, blushing slightly.

A gasp escaped her petal lips when Yunho’s calloused fingers came up to stroke the smooth surface of her pale white skin. ‘Sensei, you’re really beautiful…’ the grown teenager whispered.  And within a second, the brunette closed the space between them until only a centimeter stood in their way. ‘I want to kiss you,’ he uttered in a seductive voice that pulled out a whimper from the other’s plump lips, much to Jaejoong’s embarrassment. Yunho groaned inwardly at the pretty sight, before his tongue peeked out to lick a strip up the other’s red cheek.

The teacher turned redder, if that was even possible. ‘Y-Yunho-sshi, we really shouldn’t be doing this…’ Jaejoong raised her arms to push against Yunho, only to have her wrists caught by her student, before he smashed their lips together in a deep kiss.

‘Mmph!’ Jaejoong gasped through the lip-lock as Yunho sensuously massaged her lips with his own, tongue coming out to lick across the teacher’s soft petals, sending a shiver down Jaejoong’s spine.

After a few seconds of lip-locking, Yunho pulled back to allow both of them air. ‘Sensei…’ he groaned, before he went down on the other’s neck.

‘Ahh!’ Jaejoong mewled, curling inwards when she felt a velvety wet object caress her neck. The sensation made her nerves burn, and she blushed even more as she felt her nipples pull taut and her pussy clench. She panted, closing her eyes. But oh god, no matter how wrong it was, she wanted the teasing pleasure. ‘N-Nyah~ Y-Yunho-sshi…’ she moaned, her body relaxing to the touch, even tilting her neck to allow the other better access. And as soon as Yunho felt her body relax, he let go of her wrists and took hold of her waist, hoisting the lithe figure onto his lap. ‘Ngah!’ she squealed, her arms automatically coming around Yunho’s neck. The brunette smirked, pulling back to swiftly unbutton the shirt. And when the last button holding the shirt together was undone, Yunho couldn’t help but groan at the sight of the bare skin exposed to him. Instantly, he buried his head in the other’s chest, causing Jaejoong to squeal and grab the other’s hair, making kitten-ish sounds as her cleavage was felt up by Yunho’s tongue. Moaning, she arched her back.

God she is so sexy. Yunho grabbed ahold of her shirt, before pulling it off to reveal her in a black lacy bra where the translucent parts showed off peeks of her nipples. He licked his lips, smirking as he looked up at the teacher. Jaejoong was staring down at him with an adorable blush on her face. ‘So you’re not going fight me back now huh?’ Yunho asked, raising an amused brow as Jaejoong shook her head. ‘If that’s the case, feed me.’

‘What?’ Jaejoong asked, confused.

‘Feed me your tits, baby,’ Yunho said, propping his mouth open in expectations for his meal. Upon the command, Jaejoong flushed red, but obliged in any case. Taking a hold of her bra straps, she pulled at them, before letting them go and snapping them against her skin seductively. Upon Yunho’s growl, the teacher giggled.

‘Say ahh~’ Jaejoong cooed, as she pushed the right side of her bra down, revealing her breast in its glory. Stroking the pebble softly, she mewled. ‘Mmph~ it’s already hard,’ she giggled, giving the nub a nice pinch. She looked at Yunho, and as she did that, she brought up a finger and played it with her tongue, giving it occasional sucks. ‘Does my baby want to suck on mummy’s titties?’ she cooed.

Yunho’s eyes rolled back into their sockets. Shit, just a few minutes ago, she was this shy butterfly and now she’s a vixen? Oh well, he thought, more chance for play time I guess. He swore he was in heaven when he saw Jaejoong bringing a saliva-soaked finger to wet her nipple. Taking a hold of her breast, the raven stroke her own nipple against the other’s face. She traced the pebble on his lips but never put it inside. She giggled upon the other’s growl. ‘Aigo~ impatient,’ she cooed, kissing Yunho’s forehead. ‘Here you go,’ she giggled, before she shoved her tit into Yunho’s open mouth. ‘Go on baby~ Suck, suck~’

Yunho moaned, before he starts to tongue the pebble in his mouth. He licked, sucked and bit on the small nub, driving the other wild. Jaejoong was a sensitive person; her body reacted to the slightest touch, and just by having her nipple played with, she was already wet like hell.

‘!’ Jaejoong gasped when she felt fingers rubbing her pussy through her panties. Instantly, she converted back to her shy side. Pushing Yunho’s hands away, she placed her hands over her crotch. And when Yunho pulled away to give her a speculating look, she just shook her head, blushing.

Yunho smirked. ‘Woah now, what happened to the sexy vixen that was there just a minute ago?’ he inquired playfully, trapping the pebbled nub between his teeth, gritting it harshly.

‘Ahhh-nngh! Yunnie, it’s sensitive, don’t do that,’ Jaejoong panted, mewling. Yet despite her protests, she still reached up a hand to pull Yunho’s head to her, encouraging him to do more.

‘But you like it when I do this don’t you?’ Yunho smirked, nibbling the nipple with his teeth before pulling at it. Immediately, the teacher squealed and her other hand flew up to take a hold of the other’s hair. Yunho then used the opportunity to get his hands under her skirt and pushed his fingers into her lace panty, before he shoved two fingers up Jaejoong’s wet cunt, wiggling them around.

Jaejoong moaned, slumping onto the other’s body. She couldn’t help it; her pussy had a mind of its own as it began to hump and ride the digits buried in her, hot wet walls clenching on the slender fingers, causing juices to run down Yunho’s fingers. The teenager proceeded to pull out his fingers, holding them in front of him in amazement. Jaejoong, on the other hand, whined due to the loss of pleasure and as she saw the cum-soaked fingers of the other, she instantly grabbed them, shoving them into her mouth as she sucked away. Yunho groaned at the sight, and the feel of the wicked tongue dancing across his fingers, desperate trying to get as much cum as she could. ‘Take off your skirt and panty baby so that I can see that sweet pussy of yours.’

Whimpering, Jaejoong got off from Yunho’s lap. Turning around to bend over the table, she slowly pulled the skirt down, revealing only her black lacy panties. Groaning in his seat, the teenager proceeded to land slaps on the other’s bare skin, creating red hand prints on his ass. ‘Ah! Ah!’ Jaejoong gasped. Taking a hold of her panties, Jaejoong pulled the clothing down revealing her soaping wet pussy. She didn’t even get her underwear below her knees when two fingers were shoved to its hilt into the cunt walls. ‘NGAHHH!’ Jaejoong whined, pushing back on the slick digits. ‘Yunnie, yunnie, yunnie~ fuck me baby,’ she pleaded.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

A nurse's treatment (2/2) [PREVIEW]


For those who are deprived of pornCollapse )

A nurse's treatment (1/2)

Title: A nurse’s treatment (1/2)

Author: Gabrielle

Rating: pfft, seriously?

Genre: PWSP (porn with slight plot XD)

Length: Two-shot / Three-shot

Summary: Yunho was strolling through the school’s corridor. It was deserted, and he rather enjoyed the peace. That is, until he heard slightly unusual noises coming from the nurse’s office…

A/N: I've been really busy lately, so I haven't got the time to post anything. So I hope you enjoy this ;)

The chestnut-haired boy repeated the treatment on the other tit, coating the breast with saliva. Jaejoong whimpered, ‘Oh, Yunho-sshi…’ At that, Yunho growled and bit down harshly on the nub in his mouth, pulling at it to its full extent, before releasing it with a small pop. He continued the action repeatedly, before reenacting it with the previous nipple. The raven cried. ‘Ngh-gaah! Ooh, you’re so rough~’ Collapse )

Title: Destined for Eternity (Prologue + Chapter One)

Author: lucifertimes (Lucifer)

Pairing: YunJae

Genre(s): romance, drama, a bit of fluff, slight angst, AU

Rating(s): PG-13

Summary: Yunho gave up on love the moment his own left him. He thought he would never find another like his wife. But he was wrong. So wrong. Because love has no boundaries. And because that, it will soon find him.

A/N: plot bunny adopted from ayusfiction here. :3 I hope I did okay, noona~ ^^ Cliche prologue, lame summary, I know OTL

Read more...Collapse )

[Songfic] TAXI

Title: TAXI 
Author: lucifertimes (Gabrielle)
Pairing: YunJae
Genre: Slight angst, romance (?)
Rating: PG
Summary: In the dark of the night, I still see you around me. 

Read more...Collapse )

A Dream's Reunion

Title: A Dream's Reunion
Author: lucifertime (Lucifer)
Pairing: YunJae
Genre(s): romance, AU
Rating: G
Length: One-shot
Summary: It was just a dream. At least, he thought so.

Read more...Collapse )

An Autumn Breeze's Whisper

Title: An Autumn Breeze's Whisper
Author: Lucifer (Gabrielle)
Pairing: YunJae, YunRa
Genre(s): romance, angst, drama
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-shot
Summary: It wasn't fair. She had everything. And him? He only had Yunho. But he told himself that it was enough. 

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